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Building Process

1. Pick a Plan and Personalize It
Pick one of Onsite Homes’ variety of floor plans. Then you need to decide the level of fit and finish your family needs and what features you may want to add or upgrade in your home to customize it.

2. Find Land
If you have land we offer a FREE Lot Evaluation. This is to confirm that the plan you have chosen will work on your lot. Also will help in gathering information to assist in creating your cost estimate. If you do currently own the land or are interested in including the land in your purchase, we can also help you with that process.

3. Secure Financing
Onsite Homes will be happy to match you up with the perfect solution to your financial needs. We work with many mortgage lenders, banks and credit unions. Our proven track record and reputation give us preferred builder status with many.

Alpha Mortgage ( Fayetteville and Southern Pines )

Blue Ridge Bank John Sorrell

4. Construction Loan Closing
Once financing is secured the Pre-Construction of your home is set into motion. Plans are finalized, the building permits are processed, and purchase orders are sent out to order materials for your home. Once all construction documents are finalized we are ready to begin your home.

5. Pre-Construction Meeting
You will meet with an Onsite representative who will guide you through the selections process and the construction plans for your build. The plans will be explained to you in detail, so that you understand them. We believe you should be well informed through the entire process.

6. Construction Begins
This typically is a 150 day process from start to finish depending on the home plan, the extent of its finishes, and the site conditions.

7. Owner Orientation
Once your home is complete and a Certificate of Occupancy is issued by the inspection office, Onsite Homes completes a thorough quality control checklist. Your new home orientation is scheduled five business days prior to move-in. If any items are left to be addressed they are completed over the next few days and then you move into a home that is 100% complete.

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